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NeatVideo in Version 5.3 - Matthes - 07.10.2020

Die Rauschunterdrückung NeatVideo gibt es nun in der  Versionsnummer 5.3.

Wichtigste Neuerung nach Aussage des Herstellers ist die Unterstützung neuer Grapikkarten von NVIDIA (3070, 3080 und 3090).
Außerdem werden weitere Videoschnittprogramme unterstützt.

Hier der Originaltext, den ich als Mail erhalten habe:

Neat Video 5.3 has arrived adding compatibility with new GPUs and the latest 
versions of video editing software. 

One of the most exciting ingredients of this update for Windows and Linux users 
is support for the newest NVIDIA Ampere GPUs. This family has just welcomed 
three new cards: 

* GeForce RTX 3070
* GeForce RTX 3080
* GeForce RTX 3090

All those cards have impressive numbers of CUDA cores and support 
PCI Express 4.0 -- the new generation of the serial bus protocol. In addition,
RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 are equipped with fast GDDR6X memory capable of 
transferring up to 760 and 935 GB/s respectively. Thanks to these improvements 
Neat Video 5.3 will be work significantly faster with the new GPUs. 

Neat Video has also added support for some new and updated video editing 
applications including:   

* BorisFX Silhouette 2020.5.5+
* Nuke Indie 12.2v3+
* Vegas Pro 18
* Magix Video Pro X12 / X11
* HitFilm 15
* Flame 2021
* Edius X